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When I decided to make a waldorf doll for my daughter 5 years ago, I assumed that
I’d be able to do it quick as a wink.

After all, I am a dressmaker, designer & costume historian!

I’d made many dolls before but this doll was going to be different & I
wanted her to be so special.

So, I started looking for books or resources to figure out just
how to make a waldorf doll LOOK like a waldorf doll. It took me a long time
to figure it all out from the few photocopied sheets I had, a couple of websites
& my own handwork experience.


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Along the way, I discovered something very interesting that I have never known before.
There’s more to making a doll than just fabric, thread & a needle.

It was a bit of a surprise – as the doll pieces came together, rounding out as they were stuffed
– she began to take on a personality. With every stitch, I envisioned my daughter sharing
her days with her new friend.

I realized that I was sewing my LOVE into this doll. My intentions, my goals & my dreams
were being worked into this doll & it was so amazing!

I knew that this doll would be cherised for generations – visions of my daughter’s daughters
tucking her into bed floated through my mind. I was making an heirloom doll, like mothers
did in the olden days…


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SO ….

I slowed down, enjoyed myself & did my best. After all, I wanted to be proud of my work.

In the end, making Miss Arabella Doll was quite simple but she would have
been SO much easier if I had had someone to walk me through the process step-by-step.

Wanting some handholding is what inspired me to create The DOLL Lessons.


I think everyone could use some doll-making mentoring.

It makes the “making” a lot more FUN !



The DOLL Lessons

are presented in an easy-to-understand way with detailed videos
& LOTS of tips & tricks to help you make a wonderful doll.


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During the course, you can email me & get all the virtual hand-holding you need!

If there’s a stitch you don’t know or a question that pops into your head – just tell me.
I’ve been sewing & making for more than 4 decades (!) & have clocked a LOT of time
with a needle & thread.


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Here’s What You Get :

  • Step-by- step instructions to create your own Waldorf doll:

    • Material & Tool Lists (what you’ll need & where to get it all)
    • Designing your doll
    • Preparing your materials
    • Construction details
    • Finishing – face & hair
    • Dressing your doll
  • Complete PDF Sewing Pattern for a 32 cm Doll (girl OR boy)

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Go at your OWN pace,
watch the 7 videos that walk you through EVERY detail
from start to finish & pause (& re-wind) if you need to!

Experience the amazing feelings
of working carefully & with intention.


Be inspired!


$ 67 US .

You can start NOW


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** This is a Live Experience ! **

You’ll have access to my private Q&A email address –
ask me anything, I’ll help you make your beautiful doll.


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What happens after I enroll ? When can I get started?

Once you enroll,

you’ll receive a materials & tools list so you can gather what you need.

(Please allow 24 hours to process your enrollment.)

You’ll then receive your private login information
which will give you access to
the course site, the videos & patterns.


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The Details You’re Looking For…


The DOLL Lessons include step-by-step instructions & sections on:


Materials & Tools –

  • Tools you probably own many of them already where to get them if you need to buy them
  • Materials – what you’ll need, how much how to decide if you want to go eco using recycled materials

Designing your Doll

  • making your doll look like a child who you love
  • where to find inspiration
  • preparing the pattern
  • marking & cutting the fabric

Head & Shoulders

  • constructing & sewing the head & shoulders
  • how to shape the face

Body, Arms & Legs

  • sewing & stuffing the body, arms & legs
  • details for hands & feet

Assembling Your Doll

  • putting your doll together (super-strong to survive lots of loving!)


  • details for sewing the face
  • how to choose the right expression


  • how to blend yarns to create amazing hair colours
  • techniques for a beautiful, full hair

    Questions ?  Email me HERE & I’ll be happy to help!>



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